My big giant passion is involving disadvantaged and marginalised young people in discussions about social issues, and helping them to develop solutions from the ground up. I do this where ever I can, and have bounced between policy wonkery roles at NGO/think tanks like Reset Tech and 5Rights Foundation, in academia at places like Oxford or RMIT, or alongside political groups like the APPG on Poverty.

I work around young people’s rights, digital issue and inequality, with a focus on participation and politics. Always happy to chat and help if you’re thinking about how to include children and young people’s voices on these issues — just drop me an email.

I’m now a freelancer too, and based in Sydney/London if you want to discuss how to engage children and young people in a really meaningful way. I also have a PhD in that stuff. Someone told me as a freelancer I should say that.

I try to keep a CV of sorts updated at LinkedIn and if you’re in for the geek stuff, a research profile at ResearchGate

You can contact me at rys@rysfarthing dot com  No need to add an h to my name, I’m not a Welsh man (awesome as it would be to have that accent, alas no, mine is Ukrainian/Antipodean. I love Eurovision, and have an unpronounceable name.)