I often work with NGOs, and young people, to undertake a range of projects. Some of them are listed below.

Children’s and young people’s data rights in Australia

Working with a range of young people’s organisations, we are running a campaign to improve regulations around the use and collection if children and young people’s data in Australia. You can see a bit more about this campaign here at our website.

IEEE Standard on digital services for young people’s 

Working with the 5Rights Foundation and the IEEE, we’ve been drafting a technical standard around age-appropriate terms and conditions for digital service providers. The P2089 standard went from its first meeting to ballot in 18 months. Watch this space

PEN: poverty ends now

Working with the APPG on Poverty, and Children North East, I supported young people from around England to develop their own anti child poverty manifesto. They launched this in parliament, and undertook a range of successful actions, from walking their police commissioner around their area to highlight issues around feeling safe to writing and performing plays to packed out theatres about the need for decent incomes. The full manifesto produced is available: PEN Manifesto, as is an example of some of the young people’s local actions: Manchester’s report

Working with local authorities on child poverty policy

While at the Child Poverty Action Group, I worked with local authorities from around England to identify strategies to reduce child poverty at a local level, and manage the impact of welfare reforms regionally.

A report around this work is available: Local authorities and child poverty

Peer-to-peer research with young people from deprived areas

As a research fellow at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, I trained peer-to-peer researchers from around East London to undertake research around the political efficacy of young people from low-income areas. Information about this project can be found at: “Rebel Researchers” project site or you can see one of the panels the young people did at: the IAFOR conference 

Young people’s thoughts around child poverty policy 

As part of my DPhil, I worked with five groups of young people from around the country to develop their own local child poverty policies, and lobby locally to have the issues identified addressed. The policies the young people developed are available: Young people’s thoughts on child poverty policy