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2022 How Facebook extorted Australia Reset Aus

2022 Designing for disorder Fairplay

2022 How Facebook still targets ads to kids Fairplay

2021 The rules young people want around their data Reset Aus

2021 Facebook vs democracy Reset Aus

2021 Surveilling young people online Reset Aus

2021 Did we really consent to this? Reset Aus

2021 Profiling Children for Advertising Reset Aus

2017 ‘Children’s voices and housing poverty’ Housing Poverty and the Good Society, what can we achieve by 2025? APPG on Poverty

2016 ‘Uncertain transitions, turbulent labour markets and young people’s life chances’ Improving Children’s Life Chances CPAG

2014 The Cost of Going to School: young people’s thoughts NUT/BYC/KidsCo, London


2021 ‘Online hate is a symptom of the business model‘ Canberra Times

2021 ‘We need  to protect kids from the harms of social media‘ The Age

2021 ‘Removing anonymity will not solve the problem of trolls‘ SMH

2021 ‘Privacy laws must change to protect kids’ The Age – coauthored with Judith Bessant

2016 ‘The National Living Wage makes a bad situation worse for young people‘ Guardian Comment is Free

2016 Thinking Allowed Radio 4 piece on my research around poverty and power. I appreciate that I did not author this, but how often do you get a Radio 4 interview about your PhD research? So I’m adding this to the list

2015 ‘What would it take to get young people interested in politics‘ New Statesman

2015 ‘ISIS wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t Islamophobia: What young British Muslims think about radicalisation‘ the Mirror

Academic bits

2021 ‘Age Appropriate Digital Services for Young People‘ IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Magazine — co authored with Michael, Abbas and Smith-Nunes

2017 ‘The Precarious Generation: A political economy of young people‘ Routledge — co-authored with Bessant and Watts.

2016 ‘Youth club is made to get young people off the streets‘ Youth and Policy  co-authored with young people

2016 ‘Writing in a role for structure‘ Journal of Youth Studies 

2016 ‘The politics of voice: Research ethics committees and participatory research‘ Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics (I kid you not, that’s a real journal)  co-authored with young people

2015 ‘What’s wrong with being poor? The problems of poverty, as young people describe themChildren & Society 

2015 ‘Low income young people’s problematic relationship with individualised policyJournal of Youth Studies

2015 ‘Co-designing a civics curriculum: young people, democratic deficit and political renewal in the EU‘ Journal of Curriculum Studies

2014 ‘Poverty, Malnutrition and Education in the UK’ in Symaco, L. (ed) Education, Poverty, Malnutrition and Famine Bloomsbury Academic, London

2014 ‘Families of the Poor’ in Scott, F., Treas, J. & Richards, M. (ed) The Blackwell Companion to the Sociology of Families, Blackwell, Oxford

2012 ‘Why Participation? Towards a critique of youth participationYouth & Policy 109 pp. 71-9

2011 (with Bessant, J). ‘Presenting Research to Different Audiences’ in Bradford, S. & Cullen, F. (ed) Research and Research Methods for Youth Practitioners Routledge, London pp. 89-106

2010 ‘The Politics of Youthful Antipolitics: representing the “issue” of youth participation in politicsJournal of Youth Studies 13(2) pp. 181-195

2010 ‘A New Tool for Equality: Evaluating the Impact of the Human Rights Charter for Youth WorkAustralian Journal of Human Rights 16(1) pp. 21-37

2014 The Cost of Going to School: young people’s thoughts NUT/BYC/KidsCo, London

2012 Going Hungry? Young people’s experiences of free school meals CPAG, London

2010 ‘A Crisis in Schooling Affordability?Public Policy Research 16 (4) pp. 240 – 245

2010 ‘Child Poverty and Health in LondonLondon Journal of Primary Care March