‘We’re young migrants and you’re calling us criminal?’

I supported some amazing young people from the Brighter Futures project to challenge the perception around young migrants and refugees. Check it out on Metro.co.uk

It’s hard being a young migrant. It’s very hard. ‘Criminal! Criminal!’ They keep calling us criminals.

We are young people not born in Britain. We have escaped all sorts of hardships from all over the world. We are 16 years old. We live in hostels, we are told we are not welcome. We struggle to pay for things. We go to school – which is financially difficult – because we always enjoyed learning. Criminal?

We have been called every name you can think of. We are blamed for everything, ‘oh you take all our jobs’, ‘crime is higher because of migrants’. Whatever it is, blame it all on us! We have never committed a felony but we’re criminals?

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/01/were-young-migrants-and-youre-calling-us-criminals-what-did-we-do-to-get-this-negative-image-6819248/#ixzz4q7So0Nrm