What’s wrong with being poor?

[Geek alert] My latest article ‘What’s wrong with being poor?’ is up now as an early view, for publication in Children & Society. Spoilers: It’s a lot about housing, education and crime.    

In Liverpool? Fancy the best play ever?

Some of the young people I’ve been working with for a few years now have a second performance of their awesome play, Brass Razoo, coming up. It’s written and performed by young people, based on ideas from young people about what it’s like to grow up skint in Merseyside. Tickets are going fast, so RSVP…

Making Moss Side Safe

It took the crew and I two years to put this together, but it was worth it. Moss Side’s young people took the police commissioner for Greater Manchester on a walking tour of their ends, so they could see their community from their eyes. He’s in the MEN talking about the importance of engaging with young people,…

Young people on decent wages

Some of the young people I have been working with since 2012, interviewed about the play they put together for living wage week